Airport investment and construction

The construction of civil aviation and small-scale airports play a crucial role in local social and economic development. With the rapid consumption upgrading in South America and Africa, the demand for aviation has been stronger than never before. As a result, investment in airports is of great importance to enhance local economic and social development, upgrade economic growing mode, as well as further promote opening up.

Sea shipping investment and construction

With a focus on investment, construction, operation, and maintenance of water transportation infrastructure, including overseas navigation-power junctions, ship locks, ports, piers, and fairways, Kai Infrastructure is determined to play an leading role in building blue economic zone.

Rail Traffic investment and construction

Mainly focusing on Africa and South America, Kai infrastructure is highly engaged in large-scale projects investment and guided investment in key industries. It has great significance to promote international economic and trade cooperation, which help all sides draw on each other’s merits for mutual benefits.

Highway investment and construction

As the major means of transportation, highway has always been famous for its flexibility, maneuverability, and wide coverage, hence playing an importance role in economic development. As highway investment and construction lay a solid foundation to highway transport, their importance to local economy is beyond words.

Environment protection investment and construction

It has been increasingly crucial for economic development to actively address environment pollution issues, roll out precaution and abatement measures, balance development and environmental protection, so as to seek joint development between nature environment and human society. Kai Infrastructure utilizes its advantages to promote infrastructure for environmental protection projects, in an effort to build a harmonious world for all.

  • Agriculture

    In order to promote economic globalization and sustainable development in long term, Kai Infrastructure invests in agricultural infrastructure in less developed areas, to enhance the local development of farmland, water conservancy, agricultural products distribution, education, science and research, technology promotion, and meteorology.

  • Mining

    “Belt and road” initiative has fostered an even better environment for trade and investment. Kai Infrastructure is seeking investment cooperators around the world by a series of ways, including acquisition, equity participation, financial investment introduction, off-take agreement, etc.

  • Land development

    Land development mainly refers to the utilization and development for unexploited land. Making most of unused land has been a efficient way to bridge the gap of arable land and reach dynamic equilibrium of gross arable land.