Global Nuclear Energy Summit 2018/03, London

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The 13th National Five-Year Plan emphasized the importance of nuclear energy development. Exporting world-leading nuclear energy technology has risen to national strategies. Our company will hold 2018 Global Nuclear Energy One Belt One Road Summit in London. We wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign corporations and people here to strive for the development of nuclear energy! 

Our summit is aim to provide a networking platform to connect major investors and nuclear energy corporations.This event will integrate capital resources and top-notch nuclear energy technology to reach a win-win situation for our guests.  

Participating Enterprises

CNNC, CGN, SNPTC and up to 30 listed companies in China's nuclear power industry will attend, together with 106 financial institutions and overseas investment and M&A group. We are inviting Government of Singapore Investment Corp. (GIC), Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), South Africa Sovereign Wealth Funds, Netherlands Sovereign Wealth Funds, Belgium Sovereign Wealth Funds and Korea Sovereign Wealth Funds to join us for investment opportunities in new energy area.

Global Nuclear Energy Summit 2018/03, London