Clean Energy•Mission Innovation Summit 2017/05, Beijing

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The Eighth Ministerial Meeting on Clean Energy (CEM8) and the Second Ministerial Conference on Innovation (MI-2) held in Beijing were successfully concluded. Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang pronounced at the press conference at the conclusion of the summit, the significant contributions to the event will promote cleaner future based off of significant renewable energy intelligence sharing.

After three days of insightful presentations in the renewable energy innovations’ sphere, the event ended on the 8th June. The summit focused on "innovation leadership, responding to challenges, energy transformation and joint action" as the central themes, with attendees from 25 countries, EU ministers, important international organizations in the industry sector, dozens of well-known global entrepreneurs, as well as more than 1,500 guests gathered in Beijing, to discuss future plans for global clean energy development.

At the summit’s press conference, China Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang announced that the summit reached a number of major achievements. These achievements are most notably that the summit has further improved the global renewable energy management system, and strengthened the global carbon-neutral/renewable energy management platforms. In addition, Mr. Wan stated “the Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting launched a new initiative and three challenges, namely the sustainable urban / eco-energy town initiatives, the electric vehicles challenge (EV30 @ 30), the Advanced Power Plant Flexibility Challenges and the Net Zero Emissions Building Commitment Challenge. The Innovation Mission Ministerial Meeting also official launched a new technologies, including the smart grid, off-grid power supply, carbon capture, utilization and storage, sustainable bio-fuels, solar energy conversion, affordable indoor heating and refrigeration. Among the seven 'innovation challenges', China announced to join six of initiatives, as well as take the driver’s seet to lead two.

It is reported that these new initiatives and challenges will shift international attention to these  rapidly developing emerging technologies and industries in renewable energ. In addition, Wan Gang also stressed that the summit actively advocates for cooperation in the clean energy sector between public and private sectors, "the summit actively promotes joint action to encourage the public institutions to support clean energy research and development, while simulateously encouraging private enterprises to participate and invest in 'innovation challenges'. We actively set up the government enterprises, research institutions and other public and private sector organizations to participate in an international intellectual exchange. We are highly willing to continue to strengthen and leverage these two global forums and promote cooperation mechanisms to engage in clean energy exchanges.”

Mr. Malos, the vice chairman of the EU Energy Alliance, after attending the summit, said that the European members of the Clean Energy Ministerial Conference and the Innovation Mission Ministerial Conference will continue to work towards common goals to tackle climate change. "Summit colleagues and partners are moving towards a common goal, that is, to protect our earth, to preserve clean air and water, and to work together to achieve our commitment to address the challenges of climate change. At this summit, we sent a very clear signal to the world that we will be steadfast in tackling climate change and we will uphold the Paris Agreement.”

Source: Phoenix News Organization

Clean Energy•Mission Innovation Summit 2017/05, Beijing