The Fourth Nuclear Security Summit 2016/03, Washington D.C.

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The 4th nuclear summit was held in Washington D.C. from March 31st to April 1st 2016. China’s President Xi Jinping attended the summit and delivered an important speech titled "Strengthening the International Nuclear Security System and Promoting Global Nuclear Safety Governance". President Xi discussed China's policy advocacy and its progress in nuclear safety, its nuclear security infastructure and actively promoted international cooperation with a focus on building an international nuclear security system that is fair, cooperative and mutually benefitial.

Over the span of the first three nuclear safety summits, there has been significant progress  made in the strengthening of international cooperation to ensure the security of the international nuclear infrastructure. The summit continued to explore the evolution of the threat of nuclear terrorism and focus on the possible responses that countries can take to minimize the use of highly enriched uranium, ensuring the security of nuclear material, combat nuclear materials smuggling, by implementing a system of nuclear terrorism deterrence and detection.

President Barack Obama hosted the Fourth Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in late March 2016 to continue the dialogue of global cooperation in combating nuclear terrorism. The United States is developing a global nuclear security policy framework, which will be a comprehensive, international commitment aimed at building confidence in the implementation of nuclear security measures by the international community and achieving the goal of reducing global nuclear weapons stockpile.


The Fourth Nuclear Security Summit 2016/03, Washington D.C.