China expected to export nuclear technology to UK

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China is expected to export nuclear technology to the UK, a traditional nuclear power that realized commercialization of nuclear energy, after China's Hualong One reactor finally gets a permit to enter the latter’s market, sources from China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) told the People’s Daily.

The UK government has started an assessment to build a nuclear power plant at Bradwell in southeastern England, disclosed an official from CGN, adding that the chances are high that the Hualong One reactor will pass UK's approval.

It is estimated that the value of one nuclear reactor sold abroad equals that of 1 million cars. If approved by the UK, the Hualong reactor will, together with the high-speed train technology, become name cards of China’s high-end manufacturing industry in the world.

The Hualong One reactor was jointly developed by CGN and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), sources said.

For the sake of safety, China has learnt lessons from Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011 and followed the latest nuclear safety requirements. The reactor keeps abreast with a high safety index: It has double-layer safety shells, offering enhanced protection capabilities against commercial airplane crash.

The UK has the strictest nuclear regulations in the world. In this January, the country approved to launch an assessment to review the design of the reactor. If the Hualong One reactor can pass the assessment in the next five years, it will surely get a passport in the world’s atomic industry.

In another development, sources said that the construction of a nuclear power plant in Kenya will be examined under the training cooperation framework agreement and confidentiality agreement signed between CGN and the Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board.

Under the agreement, the two sides will launch comprehensive cooperation in terms of technology and business. It is regarded as an important step for the Hualong One reactor’s entry into the African market as well as the export of China’s unitized technology, equipment and general contracting services. 

China expected to export nuclear technology to UK