Company Introduction

Kai Infrastructure —— Global Integrated Services Provider for Infrastructure Projects

Kai Infrastructure is highly committed to provide a full spectrum of services to international government and enterprises for their infrastructure construction, covering development & design, technical consulting, financing & investment, engineering construction, maintenance & operation, etc. Kai Infrastructure operates in various regions and countries including Hong Kong, Africa, South America, with focuses on a wide range of industries, including mechanical industry, automotive industry, construction materials, metallurgy, electronics, electric power, chemical industry, oil industry, light industry, environmental industry, municipal engineering, public and civil construction, and so on.

Business Scope

Kai Infrastructure’s business consist of two major part, namely financing and engineering construction. We provide services concerning investment, construction, operation, and management in construction of ports, fairways, highways, bridges, railways, metallurgy, petrochemicals, tunnels, electric power, mining, water conservancy, municipal works, as well as government functional building projects and public welfare construction projects. Simultaneously, Kai Infrastructure also covers such services as exploration, prospection and design for construction and infrastructure building, design and construction for decoration engineering, landscape engineering, enterprise management and financial consulting.

Our Advantages

  • Favorable Policies

    Owing to the “belt and road’ initiative, many infrastructure construction projects has been accelerated, and the cooperation between different countries, regions, and industries has been close as never before. In response to the call of our nation, Kai Infrastructure is committed to play its own part in the interconnected world and seek for win-win results.

  • Our Team

    Kai Infrastructure represents a team of experts with rich experience in the world’s leading investment banks and financial institutions, including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, the Blackstone Group and Bank of America. With extensive and integrated financial resources, our multidisciplinary team is fully capable of providing professional services to infrastructure construction projects and enterprises worldwide.

  • Diverse Resources

    With cooperation and partnership with government bodies, industry organizations, and financial institutions, Kai Infrastructure integrates diverse resources, optimize product portfolio to mobilize all parties to play their own parts, all in an effort to enhance the industrial upgrading.

Value Mission

Through financial innovation, Kai Infrastructure aims at pushing forward infrastructure development, promoting the upgrading of global industrial structure, hence building a harmonious homeland for mankind in joint hands.